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  • How can we contact you?
    Simply fill in the ‘contact us’ box right here on our site and click send. Alternatively, you can call our hotline at +65 8779941 or email us directly at We will get back to each and every one of you as quickly as we can but please do bear with us as we might be tending to other patients when we receive your call or email.
  • What are your operating hours?
    We perform same day home visits for minor acute illnesses between 1pm to 10pm. Morning appointments are available only for patients performing health screens as they require fasting blood tests and we don’t want our patients fainting from hunger by fasting all the way into the afternoon! Do take note that we are closed every Wednesday, Christmas and Chinese New Year.
  • Where can you see me?
    We can see you in the comfort of your home, your workplace or wherever you need us within Singapore. We would prefer to see you in a space which is private and quiet, however, we understand that this might not always be possible. If you need us to see you in a public space such as an office or workspace, your confidentiality may be at risk as people around may be able to see and hear your consultation. If you agree and consent to this, we’re good to go!
  • How much does it cost and what does it cover?
    The prices stated on our home page are for a 15-minute consultation for one person. The price includes the doctor’s transportation fees but does not include medicines. If you need medicines, we can provide these to you on the spot at the end of the consultation at additional costs. Additional patients (family members, loved ones) can be seen during the same home visit at $28 per person. For example, if the first patient is seen between 12pm and 4pm on a weekday, the consultation rate would be $118, then any other patients seen during that very same home visit would be seen at $28 each, not including medicines. It’s best if you let us know early about other patients you might want us to see, so that we can come prepared with all the medicines and treatments they might need. If you already have medicines at home, we can even check them for you to ensure they are appropriate and not expired so that you can save some money by not having to buy additional medicines from us! Don't worry, to make sure there are no hidden costs and surprises, you can contact us +65 87799441 for a no-obligation quote including medicine prices, for complete peace of mind.
  • How do we pay?
    You can make payment easily at the end of the consultation via either cash, PayNow or credit card.
  • How does it work?
    If you contact us via our website or email, we will call you back as soon as we can. If you call us directly on our hotline, we will be able to go ahead and ask you some screening questions, the same as we would if we called you back. We’ll ask you for some basic details such as the name, NRIC / FIN or passport number of the person who needs to see a doctor, their date of birth, home address and also the address where you would like us to come to. If you are calling on behalf of the patient, we would need to clarify your relationship to the patient. Please take note that children under the age of 16 would require a parent or guardian to be present during the consultation for us to be able to see them. After clarifying all of the above, we’ll ask some screening questions to understand what medical condition we will be treating you for. This allows us to assess whether your condition can be safely treated by our service and also to anticipate what types of medicines you might need us to bring to you. If your condition is something that we can safely treat, we will then proceed to let you know the time slot and rate for your house call consultation and then you can proceed to make payment.
  • What languages do you speak?
    Our team can offer translation of certain local dialects but if possible, we would prefer that there be someone present who can communicate in English.
  • What conditions can you see?
    We can treat common minor ailments such as: - Cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat and fever - Ear aches - Stomach aches - Diarrhoea and vomiting - Sore eyes (conjunctivitis) - Menses cramps - Urine Tract Infections (UTI) in adults - Simple headaches - Hand foot and mouth disease - Chickenpox - Rashes and eczema - And much much more... We can see your chronic conditions and can even come to your home to do lab tests by special arrangement. We can’t list everything we can see and treat so please do feel free to get in touch with us directly if you want to check whether your condition is suitable for a visit from our RESCU Rangers!
  • What can’t you see?
    We can’t see or treat medical emergencies such as: - Chest pains - Breathlessness - Severe asthma attacks (you can't speak in full sentences comfortably) - Severe giddiness - Stroke symptoms (FAST – Facial drooping, Arm weakness, Slurred speech, Time to call an ambulance), numbness - Severe injuries which might require x-rays - Open wounds and bleeding - Complications during pregnancy - Urgent conditions requiring immediate investigations such as lab tests We do not perform: - Feeding tube and urinary catheter changes - Advanced dressings of wounds - Administration of intra-venous fluids - Vaccinations. We are also unable to see conditions affecting your private and intimate parts and our doctors will never request to examine these areas. Please visit your GP or Polyclinic for these concerns. If you think you might be having a medical emergency, please call an SCDF ambulance on 995. We are also presently unable to help with mental health problems. If you are having any suicidal or self-harm thoughts, please contact the Samaritans of Singapore on their 24-hour helpline at 1800 221 4444 or visit your nearest Accident and Emergency department.
  • Can you do Certification of Cause of Death (CCOD)?
    We can only assist you during this difficult time if certain strict criteria are met, as specified by local government policy. We can only issue CCOD for expected deaths where patients have passed away due to terminal cancer and other medical conditions if you have a letter from a specialist stating that the patient is expected to pass away and due to what specific condition or sickness. Old age is not an acceptable cause of death as specified by the Singapore Medical Council, ICA and governing bodies. The rate for this special service is $250, regardless of time of day.
  • Who are your doctors?
    Our Clinical Director is Dr. Bobby Stryker, a Family Physician with over 19 years of medical experience. Having specialized in family medicine in the UK (MRCGP), Bobby Stryker moved to Singapore in 2010 and has spent the last eight years tending to the needs of Singapore’s heartland communities working in local polyclinics. He was awarded the NHGP Excellence in Action Award in 2014 for his contributions in shaping polyclinic triage guidelines and the management of acute illnesses. Dr. Stryker has also played an important role in the war on diabetes with low carbohydrate strategies and was also part of Singapore’s mass casualty emergency response field medical team. We are now bringing this experience and expertise right to your living room! Moving forward, we will only be engaging doctors who are similarly fully registered with the Singapore Medical Council and furthermore, we will only engage doctors who are on the Singapore Medical Council’s Family Physicians Register. This means that the doctors have been recognized by the Singapore Medical Council as having undergone further training to be able to practice family medicine to a high standard.
  • Do you provide medicines?
    Yes we do! Our medicines are sourced from well-established and fully registered local pharmaceutical companies and many of the items we offer are in fact the same medicines used in Singapore Polyclinics. We carry and bring medicines with us on our house calls so that we can give the medicines directly to you at the end of your consultation. Don't worry though, to make sure there are no hidden costs and surprises, you can contact us for a quotation including medicines for complete peace of mind. There is no obligation for you to buy medicines from us and we understand that you may already have medicines at home that you can self-medicate with. If need be, we’ll be more than happy to check these medicines for you to make sure they haven’t expired and to advise on correct dosing. Additionally, if we don’t carry the medicines that you need, we can issue you a prescription which you can then use to obtain your medicines at any high street retail pharmacy. Please take note that we do not prescribe strong and potentially addictive medicines such as Morphine and Codeine based medicines, Procodin/Dhasedyl and other Opiates, Benzodiazepines, sleeping pills or medicines that would normally be prescribed or require monitoring by a specialist.
  • Can we cancel our booking?
    Unfortunately, once we confirm your booking, we have to reject booking requests from other potential patients. As such, we do not offer any cancellations or refunds. Please take note, as a small family business, the time and effort required for us to assemble our team and drive to your location is considerable. Last minute cancellations cost us time and money, affecting whether we can sustain our business, especially during these uncertain times, while also artificially increasing our waiting time for other patients who need help. We do not charge a cancellation fee but if you cancel within one hour of our estimated time of arrival, we will not be able to offer you any future home visit or telemedicine appointments. Thank you for your kind understanding.
  • Can MCs be issued?
    Of course! If an MC is clinically indicated, our doctor will be more than happy to help you get the rest you need.
  • Do you offer any concessions?
    Unfortunately we are not able to accept CHAS or other concession schemes at the moment, but we’re working on it!
  • Are my records secure?
    Yes! We use established local electronic patient records and management systems which are secure and encrypted to ensure your confidentiality and the integrity of your data.
  • Is it safe?
    Absolutely! For further peace of mind, our doctors will be wearing body cameras for safety and training purposes. This will allow us to monitor the standard of care delivered to you, to ensure that it is the best it can be, while also serving as a source of evidence should any concerns arise.
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