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Feeling under the weather but not keen on having our medical team visit your home? Perhaps you don’t want to alarm your family and neighbours or maybe you prefer a more affordable option?


Well fret not, we have you covered!


You can now consult our experienced medical team online via a WhatsApp video consultation and still get the medicines and MC you need without leaving the comfort of your home!


It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling +65 87799441!

Let us know what your symptoms are and we’ll advise whether your condition is safe and suitable for a video consultation (you'll also need a phone with WhatsApp that can do video calls, as well as a valid Credit / Debit Card and email address).


Of course, there are limitations to a video consultation service, so to keep things safe, we can only offer a video consultation to persons of ages 12 years and above (anyone less than 16 years old will need to have a parent or guardian present during the entire consultation) and we can only treat the following conditions via a video consultation:

  • Cough, cold, runny nose and sore throat without fever or breathlessness.

  • Mild body aches and pains*

  • Diarrhoea and vomiting (not more than 2-3 times for each symptom) and with no blood in stools or vomitus.

  • Mild abdominal pains*

  • Mild gastric pains*

  • Mild headaches and migraines* with no symptoms suggestive of abnormal brain function or stroke (no numbness, weakness, severe giddiness, frequent vomiting, speech or vision disturbance).

  • Simple eczema and rashes.

  • Sore eyes (conjunctivitis) and styes, provided there is no vision disturbance and only mild pains*

  • Menstrual cramps with no heavy blood loss (changing pads more frequently than every 3 hours), no blood clots or flooding.

  • Mild gout attacks*

  • Urine Tract Infections with no blood visible in the urine.

  • Stable chronic conditions (diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid disorders) for review and medication top up.

  • General advice call


*  Not sure if your pain is mild or severe?

Let Binky, our mascot, show you in the Pain Score Chart below.

A mild pain is one where you would assign a pain score of 3 or less, from a scale of zero to ten, where zero is pain free and ten is the worst pain you can imagine.

Hit the numbers to see how it works:



12pm – 4pm | $20 ($20 Medicine Delivery)
4pm – 10pm | $30 ($25 Medicine Delivery)
10pm – 2am | $40 ($30 Medicine Delivery)
Weekends and PH
All Day | $40 ($30 Medicine Delivery)

Prices shown are for consultation only.

Medicines can be provided at additional costs based on your condition.

Note: An additional $5 fee is applicable for deliveries to Sentosa / Jurong Island.

That’s all folks! Get in touch if you have any questions! Take care and get well soon!

21 Woodlands Close

Primz Bizhub #07-23

Singapore 737854
+ 65 87799441

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