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What happens when a Doctor, Social Media Specialist and Professional Pathfinder (also husband, wife and younger brother respectively), decide to put their heads together in an effort to create something meaningful? 

The answer is RESCU, a home visiting doctor service where the ‘clinic’ actually comes to you wherever you are!

RESCU is an accessible house call doctor service fusing over 18 years of medical experience and MRCGP family medicine specialisation with an element of style and passion that we hope will make RESCU a fresh and unique health care option for the people of Singapore.
A ‘boot strapped’ venture with no VC backing, RESCU is one of the first companies in Singapore that offers a pure dedicated house call service while being part of MOH’s LEAP Sandbox means patients can be reassured that the service is strictly regulated and monitored to deliver the highest possible level of patient care, safety and quality.

While some may be hesitant to adopt new technology and healthcare modalities, such as telemedicine and video consultations, a house call is a happy medium that allows you to see a doctor face-to-face whilst still being able to rest at home, bypassing the limitations of some of these other modalities, such as being able to see children, elderly patients and patients where a hands-on clinical examination is necessary.


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rescu house call doctor singapore.jpg

Juliana Chong Stryker,

Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

(BSc  Business)


Dr. Bobby


Founder &

Clinical Director



Sebastian Chong,

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

We hope RESCU will complement existing health care services to offer patients yet another knowledgeable, trust-worthy and convenient health care option.
Your home is where our heart is!
Juliana, Bobby & Sebastian
(aka the RESCU Rangers)

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