The basic health screen we would recommend for anyone wanting to get a rough feel for how their health is, especially for anyone aged 40 years and above.



1. Full Blood Count (FBC Measures how much blood you have, your white cell counts and platelet levels)

2. ESR (Measures inflammation in the body)


Renal (Kidney) Panel

3. Glucose (Sugar to check for diabetes)

4. Urea 

5. Creatinine 

6. Uric Acid (Check for gout)

7. Urine Microalbumin/ Creatinine Ratio (Checks for protein in your urine due to weak kidneys)


Liver Panel

8. Total Bilirubin 

9. Total Protein 

10. Albumin 

11. Globulin

12. A/G Ratio 



15. Alkaline Phosphatase 

16. GGT 


Lipid Panel

17. Total Cholesterol

18. HDL Cholesterol

19. LDL Cholesterol

20. Cholesterol/ HDL Ratio 

21. Triglycerides


STD Screen

22. VD (Syphilis TP Ab) 

23. RPR & TPPA (if Syphilis is reactive)


Urine FEME

24. Urine FEME (Checks for trace elements such as blood, protein and white cells in your urine that could indicate kidney problems, infections and other health issues)


This package also includes an interpretation health report explaining all your results in detail, which will be emailed to you with your test results and a FREE phone or WhatsApp video consultation (weekdays 2pm-10pm subject to availability) with Dr. Stryker where your results will be explained in further detail and all your questions and concerns will be addressed.



*Prices shown are for the health screening packages only and are in addition to our home visit rates, which can be seen on our home page.


For example, if you arrange for us to come and perform a Titan Health Screen checkup for you between 10-11am, the price will be $150 with a home visit charge of $68, total = $218.

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So there you have it!

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We hope this covers everything you need to know about our health screening packages.


Feel free to drop us an email at getwell@rescu.sg if you have any questions and queries or if you would like to make an appointment.


Take care & here’s wishing you the very best of health!


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