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RESCU’s New Telemedicine Service Is Here!

Drum roll please! Abracadabra!! RESCU’s telemedicine service is here!

RESCU Online Video Consultation Doctor Singapore

While home visits remain our focus, we understand that some of you might just want to do a quick video consultation with our resident Consultant Family Physician, Dr. Bobby Stryker!

You’ve seen him in our videos and now you can pick his brains through a more affordable medium and still enjoy high quality medical care, with MC and medicines delivered right to your location!

We’ve done our homework and all three of us have gotten our Telemedicine certs to ensure we deliver the same high quality service you’ve come to expect from our home visits, now through a convenient and more affordable, simple video consultation!

RESCU MOH Telemedicine Clinic Singapore
RESCU Doctor Video Consultation Singapore

Check out our website to see how it all works!

Take care folks!


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